Erica Anderson, A.S., RT(R)(CT), CTNC

A Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach with a specialty certification in Autoimmune Health and host of the Diagnosis Redefined Podcast.

She was diagnosed at 17 with Still's Disease, a rare autoimmune disease that affects the joints and muscles. After 10 years of taking immuno-supressing drugs, she was able to achieve complete remission using the power of food and managing stress and other environmental triggers.

This experience and the years of research into nutrition and the causes of autoimmune diseases, led her to her mission to empower other autoimmune warriors to take back their health by managing their disease through diet and lifestyle changes. She has had the privilege of working alongside Functional Medicine doctors and helping over 100 people take control of their chronic illnesses.

Dillon Searcy, B.S., INHC, NC, RPSGT

A dual Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a background in Functional Medicine and a specialization in nutrition.

He understands the power of education. After his life-threatening misdiagnosed stroke in 2018, he embraced a healing lifestyle, seeking answers for lasting change.

Through personal experience with Type 1 Diabetes and dedicated years of seeking knowledge in nutrition and the underlying factors of chronic diseases, he discovered his purpose: to enlighten and empower fellow autoimmune sufferers. His mission is to guide them in reclaiming their health through effective management of their conditions via dietary and lifestyle adjustments. Leveraging the principles and tools of Functional Medicine, he has successfully coached over 100 clients, empowering them to regain control over their chronic illnesses.