Transforming Health Through Personalized Wellness: Where Functional Medicine Meets Your Unique Journey

At Chronically Healthy LLC, we provide personalized solutions using functional lab testing and functional medicine principles to address the root cause of your symptoms. Whether you have already been diagnosed with a chronic illness or you are looking for answers to mysterious, debilitating symptoms, we are here to help you get control of your health and life again and become Chronically Healthy.

What is Chronically Healthy LLC?

The Functional Medicine Difference!

Welcome to Chronically Healthy, LLC where we combine functional medicine testing and principles with one-on-one coaching to put you back into the driver seat of your health. Our comprehensive testing pin points your unique causes of inflammation and gives our team of functional medicine practitioners the blueprint to create your personalized care plan. 

Stop being told your labs are normal when you feel anything but normal. At Chronically Healthy, our labs use the functional or optimal range rather than the standard range that compares you to sick people. This optimal range allows us to see where your body is inflamed well before you’ve reached a full blown disease state. By addressing the root causes of your inflammation, you will not only resolve your current symptoms but be able to prevent more disease in the future. 

Our goal is to educate and empower everyone living with a chronic illness, so that they have the tools and resources to take back control of their health. Our mission is to give to those suffering from chronic, mysterious symptoms the chance we weren’t given from the beginning- the option and accessibility to functional medicine and root cause solutions. 

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